How Cereal Box Mascots Are Designed To Look At Kids

    Eye contact may increase brand loyalty, new research finds.

    Loyalty is in the eye of the beholder, according to new research. A Cornell study found that cereals marketed to children often feature characters looking down.

    Cereal boxes marketed to adults, on the other hand, have characters with nearly straight gazes at a very slight upward angle about half a degree.

    What does this mean, exactly?

    Findings show eye contact increases trust up to 16% and feeling connected to the brand up to 28% for both children and adults. And more positive feelings toward the brand might make you more likely to buy it.

    In a blog response to the studies, General Mills Vice President of Global Communications Tom Forsythe called the research "absurd."

    Forsythe also searched the average age and height of a child when he or she begins to walk.

    If this research was in any way meaningful – which it's not – these supposedly downward looking characters would be looking below eye level of the youngest kids possible.Unless mom is dragging the kid on the floor. Or the kid is duck-walking.