17 GIFs That Will Make Your Heart Stop

    Don't worry, they all have a happy ending. H/T r/nonononoyes

    1. When this dad proved he was a reflex ninja.

    2. When this car won against hydroplaning.

    3. When this man slid into superhero status.

    4. When this goalie didn't succeed but tried, tried again.

    5. When this dog abandoned ship.

    6. This body pivot.

    7. This missed photo opportunity.

    8. This brake/adult diapers test.

    9. When this ambulance avoided another emergency.

    10. When this man escaped the hungry tarp monster.

    11. This getaway car.

    12. This gravity-defying kitty.

    13. This narrow escape.

    15. This miraculous save.

    16. When this back flip made hundreds of palms instantly sweat.

    17. And the time this drone almost met its demise.