21 Dogs Nailing Their Ballet Moves

    Arabesque! That's a good boy.

    1. You're all dressed and ready to go, so let's begin.

    2. Wait! Don't forget your leg warmers.

    3. Let's start in first position.

    4. Excellent turnout!

    5. Tendu, and back. Again, please.

    6. Plié.

    7. Now relevé.

    8. You can use the barre for support if you need to.

    9. Now third position, please. Turn your paws out a little more.

    10. Let's see an arabesque.

    11. And changement!

    12. Ecarté devant! Well, close enough.

    13. And grand jeté!

    14. Back to third.

    15. Everyone is just nailing those arabesques today.

    16. Now for your pas de deux.

    17. Just try not to smother your partner.

    18. And straddle jump for the finale!

    19. Good work everyone!

    20. Be sure to congratulate each other on your hard work.

    21. Let your feet take a breather. See you next class!