These Coffee Cup Drawings Of Real Life Are Better Than Real Life

    Just be sure to finish some of the coffee first.

    Grabbing a cup of coffee with Tokyo illustrator Mariya Suzuki isn't like a typical java date.

    She first started sketching on to-go cups while attending school at California State University, Long Beach.

    "I thought the blank paper cups without any logos on them were so simple and pretty," she told BuzzFeed in an email.

    The art gives new life to cups that otherwise typically perform just one function.

    Here's an even more creative take: a rotating cityscape!

    Suzuki just wrapped up an exhibition in Tokyo titled Urbansketching With Coffee People.

    But before the show opened, Suzuki had some cup-drawing sessions with friends.

    Here's another video of Hogan's of a cozy gathering with friends.

    Other friends have joined, including British illustrator Andrew Joyce.

    "I believe coffee brings people together," Suzuki said.

    You can see more of Suzuki's art on Instagram and her site.

    And there's more of Hogan's art on his Instagram and site.

    H/T Colossal / MAS Context