Check Out This Fabric That Changes With Sound

It’s even better than those color-changing shirts from the ’90s.

1. Chromosonic is an futuristic textile that pulses color when sound plays.

Chromosonic / Via

Invented by Hungarian textile designer Judit Eszter Karpati, the fabric is silk-screened with a dye that changes with temperature and heats up from the wires woven into it, which shapeshift the pattern.

2. Applying pressure to it can leave momentary impressions on it, too.

Chromosonic / Via

For the tech-savvy, it uses a platform called Arduino and about 20 custom printed circuit boards.

3. Karpati writes:

My intention was [broadening] the field of textile craft and design, bringing together different mediums and looking for new possibilities in textile design.

4. While it’s not wearable yet, it could mean fabric that doesn’t just highlight where you sweat like those Hypercolor shirts from the 1990s.


And give your rods and cones even more to look at while you dance.

5. Check out the pulsations below or follow the project on Tumblr.

Video available at:

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