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Updated on Aug 22, 2020. Posted on Dec 29, 2014

23 Times Cards Against Humanity Stickers Were Used For Evil

If you're not into potty humor, proceed with caution. (NSFW because of naughty words.)

For the last few holiday seasons, the makers of card game Cards Against Humanity have offered special gifts.

1. There was this honest observation.

2. And these handy bananas.

3. This lobby got a bit slippery.

4. And this kitty got a little ~zesty~.

5. Goodwill had some good specials.

6. Like this toy, great for indoor and outdoor use.

7. Someone left their man this beautiful, heartfelt note.

8. And a fair warning to not consume these baked (and probably poisonous) goods.

9. But this one was OK, even if you have a food allergy.

10. This Santa still stood behind the Kony 2012 campaign.

11. Meanwhile, malls tried a new type of campaign.

12. While hungry shoppers grabbed a snack, they found the special of the day was death.

13. Other snacks were just crappy.

14. This drink was ready for action.

15. Maybe a little too much action.

16. Quite a few new genital-related products emerged.

17. Like this heinie refresher.

18. And this special peen that can help your lawn look nice.

19. But some promotions got a little out of hand.

20. Then it was time to make the holiday turkey, which had R-rated giblets.

21. So you prepped for some baking instead.

22. And after all the feasting and stress, you curled up with this blockbuster.

23. All while this elf with a deep, dark secret watched.