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14 Reasons You Should Watch "Bob's Burgers" IRL

Bob’s Burgers Live is hitting up eight cities with stand-up from the cast, clips from future episodes, and a table read.

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1. First you get an eloquently printed invitation to hang out with your faves.

And they grow increasingly sacred as the day nears.

2. The cast is as amped as you are.

And give occasional behind-the-curtain glimpses.

3. And for once, you feel like you've found your people.

Fandom knows no bounds.

4. You both admire and are envious of all the Louise ears floating around.

But are too socially inept to ask where they got them.

5. And applaud everyone's immense creativity.

Topsy back from the dead makes your heart poop its pants.

6. Then the lights dim and that familiar ukulele fills the room.

And you feel tingly in all of your giblets.

7. Each cast member's standup has its own flavor.

Although they could come out wearing garbage bags and say nothing and it would still be thrilling.

8. Even poem-hiding Emily Dickinson makes an appearance.

And if she says to stow one in your mouth, you do it.

9. Though creator Loren Bouchard claims they had no time to rehearse, you wish he and John Roberts would never stop.

No one has to know you know all of the lyrics to all of the songs.

10. The table read is a majestic look at how talented the cast is at their craft.

It's like painting a word picture!

11. A proposal might even make its way onstage, and the cast jumps into action.

With H. Jon cuing music from Platoon into his mic and John Roberts yelling to get on one knee.

12. Your dream of owning a Kuchi Kopi finally comes true.

It isn't a nightlight, but it does make your heart glow.

13. And when it ends, you don't want to leave the magic of feeling overjoyed behind.

Farewell, sweet gathering of Bob's Burgers lovers.

14. But you know they must go forth to make others laugh.

🎶 Thank you for loving us, thank you for being there! Everyone's thankin', the-select-cities-you-visited are thankin' you. 🎶

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