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    Posted on Jul 31, 2015

    Here's Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets About Himself

    Even a science legend and climate change educator can't escape the heat.

    Scientist Bill Nye has an immense Twitter following, which also means that he gets mean tweets from time to time.

    As part of a Kickstarter to make a documentary about the "Science Guy," the filmmakers had Nye read some of the less-than-favorable messages he's received.

    There was this user with a penchant for elegance:

    Structure Films / Via

    (TFIOS is, presumably, The Fault in Our Stars.)

    Then there was this allusion to the winged godmother of climate change:

    Structure Films / Via

    This user would rather participate in a boring idiom than watch Bill:

    Structure Films / Via

    To which he had this to say:

    Structure Films / Via

    Classic Bill.

    Structure Films / Via

    Learn more about the Kickstarter campaign here.


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