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    Bill Nye's Mom Was A Badass World War II Code Breaker

    The hardcore fans behind a Kickstarter have been following Nye to make a documentary of the man behind the "Science Guy" lab coat.

    You may know Bill Nye from the wheeled-in TV cart at school, but there's more to the man beyond the classroom.

    During World War II, Nye's mom was in the Navy and was even recruited to work on the Enigma code.

    An Allied code-breaking team used recovered Enigma machines, invented by Germans, to decrypt German messages, which historians say helped shorten the war.

    Here's a snippet of Nye talking about his riveting mom:

    And did you know Nye took a class with renowned astronomer Carl Sagan?

    Watch the full clip below:

    For more info, visit the film's Kickstarter page.

    Information regarding Enigma machines was added for clarification.