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    NASA Wants Your Tweets And Pictures For Its Asteroid Time Capsule

    It's like Armageddon, but without the impending doom.

    NASA is sending a spacecraft to Bennu, an asteroid, for sample collection.

    Touchstone / Via

    Not unlike the movie Armageddon — except they're leaving a time capsule, and they want your tweets and photos.

    The craft is called OSIRIS-REx, as shown in the artist's rendition below, and it will launch in 2016 and land three years later.


    NBC / Via

    The tweets or pictures have to be about Solar System exploration – "today and predictions for the next decade."


    ○ Think about what we are doing in Solar System exploration in 2014 and what we might be doing in 2023

    ○ Tweet your statement with hashtag #AsteroidMission or

    ○ Tag OSIRIS-REx on Instagram with hashtag #AsteroidMission to share your ideas as a graphic or photo.

    Posts can be about science, engineering, technology or other subjects related to space exploration today and in 2023.

    So you can put your "moon"-ing photos away.

    Fox / Via

    Pending the mission goes off without a hitch, the craft will return in 2023. The team will pick 50 tweets and 50 pictures to go inside, which will later be posted online.

    Submit your entries at the asteroid mission site until September 30.

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