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22 Animals Getting Vacuumed Who Are In A State Of Bliss

More robot grooming please, human.

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1. Give me a tiny back mohawk, human.

Krzysztof Smejlis / Via

2. Yaaas.

mihaifrancu / Via Source:

3. Is this thing on?

4. Hang on, let me move so you can get to the good spot.

5. Right along my back, please.

rrucijs / Via

6. That's the stuff.

corbincorgi / Via

7. Wait you're doing this wrong.

8. Much better.

daviddegraph / Via

9. Do you mind getting that spot I can't reach?

anorma9 / Via

10. Excuse me, you have a job to do.

sfork / Via

11. So...tired...can you help me unwind?

mediocrefilms2 / Via

12. Oh sweet heavens, you know how to suck.

13. Am I doing it right? Oh, you said under. Whoop, excuse me.

14. Hrmmmmmmmmmmgh (snore).

gymkanable / Via

15. That's the ticket.

lekyim / Via

16. I said higher, human.

Fresh Step / Via

17. Nothing like a good robot groom after a long day of sleeping.


19. There we go.

20. Ooh, double-handed.

Cardigan Corgi TV / Via

21. And after this we will play fetch, right?

S3industries / Via

22. On second thought, let's just stay here.

Dorothy Brown / Via

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