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This Replica Of The Maze From "The Shining" Is Incredible

MythBuster Adam Savage left no detail behind. The Stanley Kubrick exhibition is currently on display in Mexico.

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Remember the hedge maze from The Shining?

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In Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film, the maze makes a few appearances as the psychological horror starts to spiral, both in life-size form and as a miniature model in the hotel. The movie also peaks in the labyrinth (and leads to Jack Torrance's chilly demise).

As part of the new Stanley Kubrick exhibition that's touring a few major cities worldwide, MythBuster Adam Savage built an exact replica of the maze.

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The undertaking required resolving some inconsistencies. As he notes in a post for Tested, several iterations of the maze appear in the film.

He decided to build the architectural model that Jack stands over in the isolated Overlook Hotel.

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In case you didn't know, Savage has an extensive background in working with his hands, from welding and prop-making to stage and graphic design, to name a handful. (See also: MythBusters.)

After combing through every piece of documentation he could find, he left no feature behind.

Savage extrapolated the measurements and mapped out the scale. Though its grandiosity became overwhelming at times — including the eagle-eyed tweaking of the miniature elements — he completed it in time.

After checking with Oscar-winning director and fellow Kubrick obsessive Lee Unkrich, Savage fixed some minute details and was ready to ship the maze.


You can read his immense step-by-step process over at Tested.

Norman Chan / Via

The maze is currently on display at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Monterrey, Mexico until summer.

The exhibition will migrate to Seoul later this year, followed by San Francisco.

It also features other iconic Shining objects, like the twin dresses.

And that not-at-all-unsettling door.

As well as the typewriter.

All work and no play makes a superbly awesome maze replica.