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    35 Rescue Dogs Living Life To Its Fullest

    These pups have a new leash on life.

    1. Rescue dogs know how to live life to its fullest.

    2. After being on the brink of death, it doesn’t take a lot to see that life is beautiful.

    3. First and foremost, you need to find a forever friend.

    4. If you're a little anxious, consider building a pillow fort.

    5. But feel free to unabashedly bask in your newfound freedom, like this slice of ham.

    6. Don't compare yourself to other rescues.

    7. Especially the early risers who love going for a run.

    8. Not everyone can be a morning dog, and that's OK.

    9. When are you are fully alert, you can start looking for your own nook.

    10. Test out a few to get a feel for whether you like a soft or firm surface.

    11. If no one is around, you can take two parking spots.

    12. Don't be afraid to search for new smells high.

    13. Or snuffle around low.

    14. Especially under a fresh coat of leaves.

    15. Soon enough you'll have a taste of what you love.

    16. Even if it's a human.

    17. It'll be hard to not eavesdrop on your new life.

    18. If someone catches you, just smile until they can't resist smiling back.

    19. Sometimes the road ahead will seem scary...

    20. ...especially if you're a little introverted or a homebody.

    21. But before you know it, the trainee will become the trainer.

    22. You can be the dog that comes to your human's rescue.

    23. Be sure to take a few driving lessons first in case they ever need you to drive.

    24. You'll be less afraid to take charge.

    25. Despite the challenges you faced before your forever home.

    AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo

    26. Because no matter your shape or size, you can make it big.

    27. And even see parts of the world you didn't know existed.

    28. Maybe even visit a big city!

    29. But never forget to look up.

    30. Because your human was the one who made it all possible.

    31. And kept you snuggly.

    32. Even when you weren't feeling up for a walk.

    33. They'll be happy to let you have your beauty rest after your hardships.

    34. Because they know how important it is to your happiness.

    35. Enjoy your new leash on life!

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