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21 Donuts That Look Like Animals

Finally a way to take out your cute aggression.

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1. These cats.

2. These animated cats with questionable organs.

3. These calicos.

4. Hello, kitty!

5. This pig.

6. This panda.

7. These shy pandas.

8. This snug bear.

9. These baby bears.

10. These bears in varying states of consciousness.

11. This pessimistic bear.

12. These cows.

13. This frog happy to be the chosen one.

14. These penguins with boopable bellies.

15. This elephant.

16. This koala in his native habitat.


17. This bunny.

18. This walrus and his bodyguards.


19. This killer whale.

20. This sheepish couple.

21. And all of these eager critters.



Check out even more at Animal Doughnut of Ikumimama and Floresta!

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