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Why People Are Into Mangas ?

Whats a Manga ? What it differs from anime ? Which is better Manga or Comics ?

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What is a Manga ?

A Manga is the Japanese version of the traditional comic book . Mangas were found before the Second World War, but it spread quicker after the defeat and American occupation of Japan . Modern Manga evolved its drawing from traditional Japanese drawings ,comics and anime, TV cartoon series usually adaptations of popular mangas.

There are two types of Mangas Shōnen and Shōjo. Shōnen manga is usually aimed at boys and shōjo manga at girls. Mangas also cover a wide range of themes: action, martial arts, science fiction, horror, romance, historical drama and even comedy.

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An anime is a Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation. Its usually a tv series or a movie. Anime was influenced by manga comic books. As the World moved from reading Books to watching tv , Japan had its own development from manga to anime. The word ''anime'' is the Abb. of the word ''animation'' . Anime is the tv series of the manga comics .

Why anime and manga ?

So now we know that mangas are the comic books that made anime . We know that both manga and anime were inspired by the Japanese tradition. The question is Why people are loving them ? or perhaps the question, then, is "what makes anime different from, say, western cartoons or live action television?

Let's first talk about comics in general. Graphic expression has been part of human culture since neolithic times, so it's not a surprise to find some kind of sequential art tradition in any culture anywhere. Japan's manga culture was just another offshoot of fine arts as it is anywhere else. In every part of the world you can find those moment where high and low culture meet in graphical form. Comics journalism, autobiographical comics, comics have a place for every kind of expression, from the most fantastic to straight nonfiction.

For Japanese youth, manga and anime is just a thing they encounter all the time, everywhere, as I did with comics as a child.There are anime and manga for children which help them learn their language and culture, and promote teamwork and hard work and express typical fantasies such as magical princess and transforming heroes.

If you're a comic reader, you understand that as we get older we look for other stories - stories that reflect our current or future experiences. Manga, particularly, provides that. Girls were*the* driving force of manga popularity in the west, where there is a great deal of content for girls and women, in a way that there is not in superhero comics.

The best explanation I can give is that, from a westerner's perspective, anime combines the visual spectacle of animation with the narrative gravitas of live action drama.

For cultural and historical reasons, animation in the West (or at least America) has been largely relegated to children's stories. It's not a medium used to tell mature, weighty stories. For that, one must turn to live action drama. Nowadays, there's a great deal of high quality drama serials on television -- Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos etc..

But, being live action and limited to a serial's budget, there are some stories that just can't be adequately told through live action television. The visual spectacle is too intricate or complex. For example, you simply can't have a televised series where every episode takes the characters to vastly different places with fantastical architecture, or have battle sequences that result in the destruction of entire cities. The cost is simply too great. Then companies use animation or books these are faster and easier way to send a moral lesson without getting extra cost. Since through animations or writing You can have massive globe trotting adventures in fantastical worlds. You can have visceral and bloody battles that rend the land asunder.

Lets talk about Comics (American Comics)

Comic strips were very popular in the US since the end of the nineteenth century. The origins of modern American comics is usually traced back to 1933 with the publication of Famous Funnies: A Carnival of Comics. However, it was in 1938 with the appearance Action Comics and Superman that comic-books initiated their transformation into iconic expressions of pop culture, in what was later called the Golden Age of comic books. Until the end of the Second World War superhero comics dominated American comic books but other themes such as horror, thrillers, and romance emerged as well. With the arrival of TV to American homes in the 1950s, comics experience a decline. However, american comic-books have experienced many revivals, the Silver Age and the Bronze Age of comics. Nowadays thanks to Hollywood movies and TV series, super heroes are as popular as ever. The two big historical companies DC Comics and Marvel Comics continue to bring us new stories of classics heroes and teams such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Justice League, and The Avengers. Art in American comics tries to be more realistic and drawings tend to have more details than in Mangas. Which gives extra score for the US version of Comics but yet the American comics seem to be more childish kid stories , While manga is usually aimed for all ages.

Here is a video that talks about the History of Comics

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