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    • kashdoller

      #1-3 agreed
      #4 - irrelevent
      #5 - this is highly in favor of women as you get the choice of whether you have the child, whether you want to involve the dad or not (aka you make the decision on if he is allowed to be a father or not), and get to rob his entire bank account with “child support” if you so choose. The 9 months of pregnancy pale in comparison to the 18 years of privilege.
      #6 - agreed
      #7 - you can wear whatever shoes you want too.
      #8 - you can do whatever you want with the hair on your body too. You might lose out on your societal privelidge you get from being sexually attractive. But so what, welcome to mens world. We don’t get that priveldge whether we’re attractive or not.
      #11 - Guess what? With all that attention comes a priviledge too of getting things you wouldn’t otherwise get because of how sexually attractive you are. But then again try asking the fat girl how much she WISHES she could get attention. Funny how that works.
      #12 - Put a jacket on, are you serious with this?
      #13 - You can accessorize with anything you want. In fact you have much more of a choice of clothing than we do at formal events. Men it is suits - that’s it. Women it’s a dress of which come in 1000’s of varities.
      #14 - Your choice of picture is not reality. I’ve seen women wear all kinds of hats and look really cute in them. But then again, why are you looking “suspicious”? Did you just rob a store?
      #15 - see #11
      #16 - that’s your fault for living your life out of fear of the boogieman.
      #17 - Again - wear whatever you choose.
      #18 - I worked at a place once that let the women wear earrings and didn’t let the men do the same. I have gauged earrings and had to take them out. It goes both ways believe it or not.
      #19 - Who cares about this if no one will see it anyway?
      #20 - you should really try the whole “having balls” thing. It’s not fun sometimes.
      #21 - I see sexy women everyday with their clothes on, what are you talking about?

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