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    20 Signs You Were Raised By Indian Immigrant Parents

    Inspired by "27 Signs You Were Raised By Immigrant Parents." Share anything missing from this list below in the comments!


    All the kids at school thought you had a disease when you went to school after a wedding.


    While your classmates dressed up as witches, vampires and ghosts for Halloween, you were an "Indian Princess." Every. Single. Year.


    Your parents had "home remedies" for every ailment.


    Chai was served at least twice a day...and every time you had guests.


    You owned at least a couple of these.


    You don't know why people complained about Titanic being too long. Three hours is standard Bollywood movie length.


    To this day, whenever you enter someone's home, you automatically do this.


    You knew all major life decisions were made by consulting an astrologer.


    Even if you hadn't seen them in months, all the aunties knew all your business.


    You had a closet/room/corner/section of your house dedicated to the Gods.


    There were only two career or engineer.


    While most of your classmates travelled to Florida or the Bahamas during the summer, you were taking 20-hour flights to India.


    As a kid, you spent many of your weekends performing in or watching dance shows.


    Every time you had to explain why you can't eat beef, you got laughed at.


    You knew the exact amount of baby powder needed to get the right shot.


    You couldn't cut your nails at night or get haircuts on certain days because of superstitions.


    You knew Nabisco had nothing on that Parle-G!


    Once your family got hooked up with the Indian channels, it was a lot harder to steal the TV from your parents.


    Your mom could haggle and get a discount like no one else!


    You can't help but love being Indian and learned that no one gets down quite like us!

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