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Utah High School’s Sexist Dating Homework Assignment Met With Outrage

How does this even happen in 2017?

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This week, homework handouts from Highland High School’s “Financial Literacy and Adult Roles” course in Salt Lake City went viral across the Internet.

The assignment? Students were to go on a $5 date. Specific instructions for the date differed based on gender.

Females were given rules “from the guys” that included such things as “don’t waste his money,” “be feminine and lady-like” and “if you think you’re too fat etc., keep it to yourself.”

Males were given rules “from the girls” that included such things as “no gross noises” and “girls like flowers and little gifts.” The assignment also implied that boys should be the ones to drive, order first, and pay for the date.

As word of the assignment has spread across multiple news outlets and social media platforms, it is clear that many are outraged by the assignment. Such an assignment not only promotes gender stereotypes and misogyny, but it also blatantly discriminates against and excludes members of the LGBT community.

Thankfully, the assignment is being removed from the state's curriculum database in response to the initial complainant- a mother of a student in the class.

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