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    Posted on Jun 25, 2018

    What Can Your Fifty Filipino Pesos Buy On Your Next Asian Tour?

    How far will a fifty peso bill take you?

    1. Philippines

    2. Taiwan

    LivingNoMads / Via

    3. Japan

    TabiEats / Via

    4. Singapore

    Trover / Via

    5. Hong Kong

    ParknShop / Via

    6. Vietnam

    The Travel List / Via

    7. Malaysia

    Roti Boy / Via

    8. South Korea

    Finnomads / Via

    9. Thailand

    Erika Joy Santos / Via Instagram: @santoserikajoy

    10. China

    Wikipedia / Via

    What can fifty Filipino pesos get you where you live?

    KarVic / Via Instagram: @karvic

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