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You're Not Officially A Commuter If You Haven't Experienced These While Riding The MRT

The MRT has been a part of our daily lives as commuters - it's cheap, fast and gives you a roller coaster of emotions.

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1. Manila traffic will take you forever, so taking the MRT is the only option

Star Cinema / Via

Mahal mag-taxi, Bes.

2. But you notice the long line for tickets

ETA: 48 Years / Via

ETA: 48 Years

3. Good thing you already have your Beep card

My Sassy Girl / Via

V.I.P! ganon!

4. Only to realize, there's already a sea of people waiting for the train

5. Finally, the train is here!


Ganyan mismo ang feeling

6. Catch it or you have to wait for 48 more years for the next train to arrive

Star Cinema / Via

Not really 48 years, I mean, but you know.

7. To get inside the train, you don't even have to walk

Close up Philippines / Via

Magpatangay sa alon ng buhay

8. Once inside, you realize that the aircon is not working properly

Selecta Philippines / Via

9. While having the most awkward moment with a stanger

Face to face, chest to chest, nose to nose. We are this close. NO NOT A ROMANTIC STORY. This is the situation right now at the MRT.

Twitter: @polpaglinawan / Via Twitter: @polpaglinawan

10. Oh! Finally, a vacant seat!

GMA / Via

Unahan na itu!

11. Well, of course, let the elderly, handicapped and pregnant women sit first

GMA / Via


12. You're still a few stations away, look for a cutie to pass the time


13. If you find one, try to project even when you're already wet from your sweat

Act natural, bes!
Regal Films / Via

Act natural, bes!

14. That moment when the driver announces that you will be arriving at your station


15. Okay... so how do you look now?

Reality Entertainment / Via

OK pa ba ang hair ko?

16. But still thankful that your ride is finally over



17. Then you realize that you still have to ride a jeepney


San ka ba kasi pupunta?

18. But as they say... if you can survive the MRT, you can do anything!

GMA / Via

Level Up!

19. This tweet pretty much summarizes everything

Sumakay ng fresh bumaba ng mandirigma. 😂

Twitter: @ptrckrodas / Via Twitter: @ptrckrodas

20. Would you still ride the MRT? Yep, DEFINITELY!

Instagram: @annecurtissmith

Even Anne Curtis loves riding the MRT.

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