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    Here Are The Top 10 Most Iconic "Twilight" Scenes, Ranked

    And if for some reason you have not seen any of the Twilight movies, let this serve as a spoiler warning: DO NOT PROCEED ANY FURTHER!!

    Because I've recently watched all five Twilight movies instead of being a responsible university student and studying for my finals, I thought I'd go ahead and procrastinate even further by making a list of my top 10 favorite scenes from the Twilight Saga. Enjoy!

    10. The scene where the Cullens and the werewolves are training before going up against the Volturi.

    Jasper stands in front of a pack of wolves
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    Briefly after this scene, Jasper tells the story of how he became a member of the Cullen Clan and how he found true love with my girl Alice! So cute!

    9. The scene where Jacob and Edward were besties for five minutes straight.

    Jacob, Edward, and Bella are sitting together in a tent while Jacob warms Bella's body
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    The best part is that Bella definitely heard parts of, if not their whole, conversation as she is seen slightly smiling at the end of their lil' chat.

    8. The scene where Emmett makes that double entendre wedding toast and catches everyone (including poor Charlie) off guard.

    Emmett and Bella and Edward's wedding, holding up a glass to toast
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    Emmett knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Point, blank, period!!!!!

    7. Everyone's favorite cinematic action scene from the first movie: the baseball scene.

    Rosalie up to bat with esme and bella standing behind her
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    This scene speaks for itself, it just hits every single time.

    6. The fight scene from Breaking Dawn Pt. 2.

    Emmett and Rosalie running into battle
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    Now, if you had the privilege of seeing this scene at the movies, you know just how shocked everyone was when Aro pulled off Carlisle's head, and how equally relieved everyone was when it was revealed to be Alice's vision of the future — had Aro chosen to fight that day. I'm still reeling from this scene to this DAY.

    5. The scene where Edward finds out he can hear Renesmee's thoughts while Bella is pregnant and he tells Bella that Renesmee likes the sound of both of their voices.

    Edward with his hand on Bella's pregnant stomach
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    Literally no one talks about this scene, like hello??? Up until this very point Edward wanted nothing to do with the baby, but after this heartwarming moment between all three of them he starts to settle into the idea of being a father and it's so touching!!!!!!

    4. The scene where Edward proposes to Bella.

    Edward putting a box with an engagement ring into bella's hand
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    I'm sorry, but I ate up the part right before the proposal when Edward was talking about formerly courting Bella and stealing a kiss or two like... are you KIDDING me? And don't even get me started on the actual proposal (plus that ring is stun-ning!).

    3. The scene where Bella transforms into a newborn.

    Bella with red newborn vampire eyes
    Summit Entertainment

    This scene is just *chef's kiss*

    2. Both ending meadow scenes (the one at the end of Eclipse and the one at the end of Breaking Dawn Pt. 2).

    Summit Entertainment

    Now I know this is technically two different scenes, but I LOVE the meadow scenes because it shows Bella and Edward's love in its purest form. After the dust settles from all the drama, fights, and uncomfortable tension they were faced with, they finally have a chance to just rest and enjoy each other's company.

    1. The wedding scene.

    Bella and Edward standing at the altar
    Summit Entertainment

    Every single detail of this scene hits the mark. From Charlie and Bella holding on to each other for dear life while he walks her down the aisle, to the way Bella and Edward look at each other during their vows, to the venue, and of course the 360-degree view of Edward and Bella's kiss and the way their guests disappear in the background, which is symbolic of what it must have felt like for them in that exact moment (like it was just the two of them) is really incredible. 

    Comment down below what your favorite Twilight Saga scene is!

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