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25 Things Americans Will Find Weird About Germany

"WTF?" –Every American visiting Germany.

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1. You have to look at your poop. Every time.

flickr: johnjackeg / Via CC-BY

German toilets even have an inspection shelf, you know... for medical reasons. Though, I suppose it's not the middle age anymore.


11. There are hundreds of different words for the end crust of bread.

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Here are 218 of them. Forget it, you will never learn all of them. Just stick with "That thing. Please hand me that thing."


14. The German Beer Purity Law from 1516 still defines the ingredients of german beer today.

Totalpics / Getty Images

Wanna hear the three magic words for Germans? Water, barley and hops.


22. Shops are closed on Sundays. By law.

stephanreher / Via

The weekend has two days. Saturdays are for shopping and Sundays are for regretting that you forgot to go shopping on Saturday.

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