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Posted on Sep 11, 2016

21 Reasons Dogs Are The Most Precious Beings On This Planet

More graceful, more stylish, and much, much cuter than cats.

1. Dogs improve every family photo.

poniyxa / Via

2. But even alone, they cut a fantastic figure.

3. Dogs say hello very subtly when you come home from work.

rosie2490 / Via

4. And sometimes they even spruce themselves up for you!

5. Just pop a tie on a dog and they could be the head of a huge, multinational corporation!

Poi159 / Via

6. Game nights are always so much better with dogs around!

yungslay / Via

7. And you could never tell from looking at them if they're having a bad day. No matter how grim things get, dogs just never seem to have bad days.

draperga / Via

8. And it's no wonder... just look how graceful and carefree their ancestors are.

MakeHimBleed / Via

9. When they're caught doing something they shouldn't be, they've got really great poker faces.

MakeHimBleed / Via

10. They've mastered "Sit!" like no other animal.

Sampee123 / Via

11. Nailed it, pup!

flogthepony / Via

12. Okay. Less good, but an A for effort. Very classy.

hell-brent / Via


Homebound_Cobra / Via

14. Even asleep they're extremely charming...

derek_92 / Via

15. ...or sneezing? It's hard to tell which is which sometimes.

tunameltsmyheart / Via

16. And there's nothing more noble than a dog cruising down the road at 40 mph.

Pallas-Athena / Via

17. If you have a ball in your hand, dogs remain calm and collected.

StoneColdStinkAustin / Via

18. And nothing frightens them at all!

EmbarkingHardon / Via

19. No matter what happens, they remain totally composed.

magikaru / Via

20. They're also very clean animals. Very hygienic.

Willeparks / Via

21. Long live dogs! The world's most precious and noble creatures.


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