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The 12 Saddest Photos Of Lunchtime During Ramadan

You'll be hungry. REALLY hungry.

During the month of Ramadan, fasting Muslims cannot eat or drink from sunrise until sunset. The Tumblr Ramadan Desk Lunch perfectly captures what life is like when you can't eat and everyone else around you can.

1. Here's the bowl you normally eat your cereal out of every morning...

2. And the tupperware box you normally take your lunch to work in...

3. And when things get real bad, even that stress ball on your desk starts to look pretty appetizing. Which is, ironically, pretty stressful.

4. Better pack a baggie for all that delicious air you'll have for an afternoon snack later!

5. And drinking is also prohibited, so every cup in your office has never looked to appealing before.

6. Sometimes you go through the motions just to feel more normal.

7. And those big catered meetings are like torture.

8. But you stay strong.

9. Picnics leave something to be desired during Ramadan.

10. The blog's author told BuzzFeed that making a food blog completely without food was a fun experiment for him. He thought that many people would appreciate it during Ramadan.

11. And if you can't eat, at least you can put your energy towards something creative until sunset, like this delicious noodle soup...

12. ...but sometimes the fake food ends up looking a little too convincing, like this paper spaghetti and meatballs, leaving you even hungrier.

Oh well, just need to hold out until sundown.

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