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    Posted on Oct 4, 2016

    14 Tricks For Telling If Your Fruit And Veggies Are Ripe

    Keep this handy for your next visit to the produce section.

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    1. Remove the stem on an avocado and check the color underneath to see if it's ripe.


    Mind = Blown

    2. Look for the lightest part of a watermelon. If it's white, it's not ripe yet. If it's yellow, like you see here, then it's ripe.

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    You need to have a very well trained ear for the "knocking test" to work. This is a much more reliable method for seeing if a watermelon is ripe.

    3. The leaves and the scent are the easiest way to see if a pineapple is ripe. The leaves on the stalk should be easy to pull out and the stalk should smell pleasantly sweet.

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    4. Give that artichoke a good squeeze. It should squeak if it's ripe.

    Like this!

    5. Heavy oranges are juicier.

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    6. And they should give easily if you gently squeeze them.

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    7. A ripe coconut should sound like it's filled with liquid. If they sit around a supermarket for too long, they dry up on the inside.

    8. If your melon still has a stem attached to it, it's not ripe yet. When a melon is ripe, the stem falls off entirely.

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    Also: Stay away from green Galia melons.

    9. Don't let the color of a mango throw you off. They should give a little when you press them, and they should give off a good, fragrant smell.

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    10. Peaches as well! The color is less important than the smell. Ripe peaches should smell sweet.

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    11. Give a fig a gentle squeeze. If it gives slightly, it's good to go. If the place you pressed stays indented, it's overripe.

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    Figs keep on ripening though, so if it's too firm, just give it a little time.

    12. Same with strawberries. If they've got bumps and dents from the containers they're in, they're already overripe.

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    13. Grapes should have a greenish yellow color when they're ripe. If you shake a bunch of grapes and they come loose, they're not going to be good for much longer.

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    14. And finally, bananas are best when they're yellow. When they start to get brown spots, they're becoming overripe, but that's also when they're the sweetest.

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