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    18 Lifehacks Every Parent Should Know By Heart

    "How did I never think of that?" —You

    1. A cardboard moving box will keep your little artist busy for hours and (hopefully) spare your walls.

    2. Toys getting kind of disgusting? Toss them into the dishwasher and they'll be good as new.

    3. No time for sandwiches in the morning? Just prepare a bunch of them at the start of the week and freeze them. All you have to do is pop a couple in the fridge before bed and they'll be good to go by the next morning.

    4. Don't throw away those pizza boxes! They make perfect canvases for kids who like to finger-paint.

    5. Cut a sticker in half and stick the pieces into your kid's shoes. That way, your kids will always be able to tell their left shoe from their right.

    6. Keep hair ties on hand by wrapping them around the stuff you wear out every day, like your wrist watch.

    7. Use a fan and bed sheet to create your own cave.

    8. Plan and organize your kids' outfits for the week using a hanging shoe holder.

    9. Want to quickly and easily babyproof your drawers? Just use a yard stick.

    10. Is your kid afraid of monsters? Prepare a bottle of monster spray (use water or even just an empty bottle), spray under the bed a couple times, and go sleep in peace.

    11. Mount a command hook on the back of your highchair and you'll never misplace a bib again.

    12. Store toys for a long car journey in a shoe holder hanging from the front seats.

    13. Use a pizza cutter to cut pancakes into small, kid-friendly pieces in no time.

    14. Secure your rugs to the floor with velcro strips to keep them from sliding around all the time. That way, you'll still be able to pull them up to easily clean underneath.

    15. Give your baby a bath inside a laundry basket to keep their toys from floating away while they're in the tub.

    16. Looking for a fun distraction for your kids that won't cost a fortune? A pasta strainer and a few colorful pipe cleaners will keep them occupied for a while.

    17. Use an old shower curtain to make a safer kiddie pool for the little ones while you're at the beach.

    18. And on a hot day put up a tent and fill it with sand for a shaded sandbox to keep your kids busy and happy.