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    This Girlfriend Stuck 400 Googly Eyes On Her Boyfriend's Stuff, And The Photos Are Wild

    Why? Why not?!

    After ordering 1,000 googly eyes and spending two hours sticking about 400 of them all over her boyfriend's apartment, a woman in Austria simply known as "OJ" posted the hilarious results to an app called Jodel:

    Of course, every Jodel user in Austria loved what she had done with the place:

    So she felt encouraged to keep going and to keep sharing:

    "He's peeking a bit."

    "Now we wait."

    When her boyfriend came home, he laughed and said, "I love you."

    "His reaction was very positive. Mission accomplished."

    Other Jodel users worried that there was something less playful going on...

    "Plot twist: Jodel user OJ works in the googly eye factory and this is all just an ad so she can get a raise."

    Maybe even something downright sinister...

    "Plot twist: OJ isn't nice at all, but actually wants to dump her boyfriend and is trying to slowly drive him insane."

    Sadly, Jodel user OJ has deleted her googly-eye post, so we'll never understand her true motivations.

    This post was translated from German.