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17 Kids Who Didn't Win Any Hide-And-Seek Championships In 2017

Better luck next year, kids.

1. Clearly hide-and-seek is not an easy game.

2. It requires a certain level of ingenuity.

3. Teamwork is important.

4. And adaptability is a top priority.

5. Every little detail counts.

6. It requires finesse.

7. You have to think like a chameleon. You have to embody invisibility.

8. And you have to learn to adapt to new situations.

9. Small mistakes can ruin your entire strategy.

10. I mean, that's if you have any strategy at all.

11. But if you can't hide, at least try to make them laugh.

12. Merge with your environment. Become like a single tree in a great forest.

13. Or just rely on sheer self-confidence.

14. Some games will be over quickly.

15. Sometimes very quickly

16. But you adapt. You learn from your mistakes.

17. Every failure counts, because when you fail, you learn. Better luck next year, kids.

This post was translated from German.

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