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19 Problems That Only People Who Constantly Sweat Will Recognize

More like sweat t-shirt! Know what I mean?

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5. In public, you have to pretend like everything is normal even as sweat is literally dripping off your face.

Sieht man mir gar nicht an das ich schwitze. xD


9. And white t-shirts? LOL. Absolutely not.

10. Actually, it doesn't matter what color you wear. Everyone always sees you sweating. It's unavoidable.

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12. When you go out, you try to avoid any dance moves or motions that might expose your shame.

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15. Sometimes you just skip applying make-up because it's just gonna sweat off of you in a couple of minutes anyway.

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19. ...because there's no escaping it.

Lmao who gets sweat stains in winter? Oh wait. Me