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    18 People Who Are 100% Wrong

    What the hell is wrong with you monsters???

    1. STOP.

    2. Why are some people like this?!


    4. Get your life in order, pal!

    5. I don't give a damn how many vegetables you have in your refrigerator. OUT WITH THE NUTELLA JAR!

    6. What is wrong with you?!

    7. You belong in court!

    8. Poor, poor Nutella! I'll save you before you get all solid and inedible!

    9. Hey! Not in the refrigerator door, either.

    10. YOU MONSTER.

    11. Hello, 911? We have an emergency here.

    12. Sure, penguins like it cold, but Nutella simply doesn't belong in the fridge. Period.

    13. Some people are monsters.

    14. Truly reckless fools.

    15. Do what you like with your half-eaten Nutella sandwich, but leave the poor, innocent Nutella jar alone!

    16. Chocolate bars in the frigde? Fine. But for the love of God, NOT NUTELLA.

    17. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    18. Do you get it now??? Look what you've done. 😢

    This post was translated from German.

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