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    • karlynk

      I think you all sound likeabunch of insecure bitches who have to critique everybody you see and point out whatever flaws you can find in an attempt to divert any attention from your own character defects and imperfections. If you think someone is pretty you’ll call themaslut and if you think they are ugly you’d torment them pointing out the reasons why.You don’t care whose feelings you hurt for the tiny bit of satisfaction you get putting somebody down pretending it makes you feel better about yourself. The shame you feel is hate you have for yourself because your butt is sagging,or your boobs arent big enough,the cellulite in your legs,crooked nose,big ears,thin lips or whatever else you wish you could change about yourself.How do you think one of these ladies children would cry for what youhave said about their mom, who they started out excited that they would see them here in this artical.Your allabunch of bullies andIfeel sorry for you.As for the ladies in the pictures…YOU LOOOOOK FABULOUS!

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