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    "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" Actor Janeshia Adams-Ginyard Breaks Down The Loss Of Chadwick Boseman And Working In The MCU

    "Every day that I stepped on set, I had a silent prayer for him. I kept thinking, I'm here because of Chad."

    27 Question Profile Picture with Janeshia

    1. You got your start in the MCU doing stunt work — was that always a passion?

    Janeshia Adams-Ginyard and Winston Duke

    2. What was the audition like for Black Panther?

    "My first audition was through acting by Sarah Finn, who is the casting director. And the role stated that you [need to] have some athletic martial arts background. So in the audition, I did some taekwondo kicks, my side kicks, my roundhouses. And then maybe after that first audition, it was probably about two weeks later, I was contacted through the stunt side. And that's basically how that happened. Then, there was another audition that took place a couple of weeks later. I went to Atlanta, where I had to audition in front of Ryan [Coogler], Nate Moore, all the Marvel execs were there. ... I didn't know they were going to be there, though! [laughs]."

    BuzzFeed: That must have been pretty intense. What is auditioning for that like?

    "They had different stations set up. They had a punching station, a roll station, and a station where we did reactions. They had like 14 of us there. And at the same time, I still didn't know what the product was."

    3. You mentioned how you didn’t know much going into your audition. Is that because Marvel is super secretive?

    "That audition I had with Sarah Finn said 'Untitled Marvel Project.' And at that time, you're like, the only thing that's happening is Black Panther. That was kind of the buzz in the streets. And so I show up in Atlanta, I saw only Black people there, and I was like this is definitely for Black Panther [laughs]. After that audition, there was a little bit of a delay and a waiting period, you were getting emails that had NDAs or you got an NDA before you even got the offer to work."

    4. Is it true the Marvel NDAs are pretty serious? Kevin Feige is on top of it like that?

    Janeshia Adams-Ginyard as Nomble

    5. What was your first thought when you met Okoye actor Danai Gurira?

    Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead

    6. So you've been in the BIG movies like Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, not to mention Black Panther, Wakanda Forever, and the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. What were some of the hardest stunts you had to pull off?

    Okoye fights Proxima Midnight

    7. What were the biggest differences for you between filming the first Black Panther and Wakanda Forever?

    Janeshia Adams-Ginyard on a rope

    8. Were those conversations, about a superhero movie potentially not being successful due to an all-Black cast, really prevalent behind the scenes?

    The Black Panther cast

    9. What was Chadwick like on set?

    "He wanted to make sure everybody knew each other. He created a family and a culture and an environment where it was like a community. He didn't care if you worked grips, lights, makeup, hair, if you were number two on the call sheet or number 10. He invited you to the house. 'Come on, come over party, we got a party. Let's get together.' Everybody's dancing. He was not an elitist."

    10. What would you want the world to know about him?

    Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther

    11. I feel like the overall theme of Wakanda Forever is that grief is the most powerful weapon in the world. I want to know your perspective on grief and the message you hope audiences take away from the film.

    Shuri in all white funeral attire

    12. Where is the most exotic location filming has taken you?

    "Puerto Rico! I love Puerto Rico, I'm an honorary Puerto Rican [laughs]."

    13. Which Avenger would you be most afraid to fight?

    "Wanda or The Hulk."

    14. Who is the best MCU villain?

    Killmonger raises his spear

    15. Jonathan Majors (Kang) or Michael B. Jordan (Killmonger)?

    "I love them both, I worked with both of them! But I gotta go MBJ."

    16. Have you ever been injured while performing a stunt on set?

    Janeshia Adams-Ginyard as Nomble

    17. Which Wakanda Forever character would you say you are most like?

    Queen Ramonda speaks to the UN

    18. Who would you want to play in the MCU other than your character Nomble?

    19. Who was your favorite superhero growing up?

    "Oooh, that has to be Storm."

    20. Hulk versus Namor, who wins?

    A behind the scenes picture of Wakandan and Talokan actors

    21. What's a movie you would have liked to be cast in?

    Viola Davis in The Woman King

    22. What's the longest it's taken to film a scene from one of the many MCU projects you've been in?

    "One week!"

    23. Who would you like to star in a movie with next?

    "Morgan Freeman!"

    24. Do you think your character will get even more screen time in the future? Maybe Black Panther 3 or Secret Wars? Or possibly in the Thunderbolts movie, since it looks like that's when we'll see more of Wakanda next?

    25. What is your favorite on-set snack?

    "Nutella or Milano cookies! Anyone who knows me is gonna laugh cause they KNOW! [laughs]."

    26. Sweet or savory?


    27. Lastly, what's your favorite superhero TV show of all time?

    "The classic Power Rangers!"

    Thanks for chatting with us, Janeisha. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is in theaters now!

    Karlton Jahmal and Janeshia pose in front of a Wakanda Forever Poster