The "Bel-Air" Season 2 Trailer Has Arrived, And I'm Crying Tears Of Happy Black Joy

    I'm not ready.

    Bel-Air was the reboot and reimagined series we didn't know we needed last year, and now we're just weeks away from the premiere of Season 2.

    Will and Carlton walking in the school hallway in their school uniforms

    Today, Peacock dropped the first full trailer for Season 2, and I think I've watched it 37 times already.

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    In case you're new to the series, Bel-Air is a reboot of The French Prince of Bel-Air. However, instead of being a sitcom, this series has transformed the original show into a drama.

    Adrian Holmes as Philip, Cassandra Freeman as Vivian

    In 2019, series creator Morgan Cooper released a concept trailer that went viral. The three-minute clip put a dramatic spin on the '90s sitcom, and the nation was mesmerized.

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    And from there, Bel-Air was born!

    The trailer for Season 2 is set to the haunting yet energetic Kendrick Lamar banger "N95." From the jump, we see that Will (Jabari Banks) is struggling with his family and the lies that were told to him about his father.

    Will, who's wearing a sleeveless athletic shirt, looks concerned as he leans foward

    Geoffrey (Jimmy Akingbola), low-key my new favorite character, tells Will, "A real man doesn't avoid hard things. He faces what scares him."

    Geoffrey talks to Will

    While Will deals with the lies and repercussions from the Season 1 finale, the rest of the Banks fam has their own demons to face. Carlton (Olly Sholotan) is still trying to find his place as he navigates school and home life with Will in the picture.

    Carlton Banks grimaces while standing at school

    Hilary (Coco Jones) is back and as determined (and stylish) as ever, and it looks like her relationship with Jazz (Jordan L. Jones) is really budding!

    Hilary and Jazz sitting at a candlelit table in a restaurant

    And in a surprise reveal, we get to see Tatyana Ali, aka the OG Ashley Banks! It appears she will be a mentor to our new Ashley Banks (Akira Akbar). How full circle and heartwarming!

    What is Will up to here? I'm excited to see the young Philly boul stir up some good trouble on campus.

    Will unveils a Black Teachers Matter sign from the top of one of the school buildings as people below look on

    "In Season 2, the show will continue to find ways to push the envelope and feel refreshing and unique while also honoring the heart of the legacy series," said showrunner Carla Banks Waddles in a press release.

    The Banks family gathers and smiles

    Are you as excited as I am? What did you think about the trailer for Bel-Air Season 2? Let me know in the comment section below!