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    The Internet Had A Field Day After Aaron Rodgers Got Injured Minutes Into His First Game As A Jet

    Are the Jets cursed?

    Being a Jets fan has to be one of the most ridiculous experiences in all of sports. I would know, I am one.

    Aaron Rodgers #8 of the New York Jets passes as he warms up prior to a game

    J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets! A young and hungry Jets team looked ready to take on the league last season, if only they could secure competent quarterback play. And one had arrived just this summer. Aspirations were high for the team after future first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers was traded from the Packers to the Jets this offseason.

    Garrett Wilson lifts his hands in victory

    For the uninitiated, here’s why Aaron Rodgers is a big deal: He’s the oldest quarterback in the NFL at age 39. He's an assured legend in the NFL, a one-time Super Bowl champion, and four-time MVP. He's considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time, and he spent his entire career with the Green Bay Packers before being traded in his 19th season to the New York Jets.

    Aaron Rodgers throws the football in plain clothes

    Rodgers was supposed to be the savior of the Jets' franchise. In fact, several sports analysts predicted the Jets would make it to the Super Bowl this year, but all those dreams came to an end on Monday night.

    Aaron Rodgers #8 of the New York Jets takes the field holding an American flag

    Four plays into Rodgers' Jets debut, he suffered an ankle injury that was later confirmed to be a torn Achilles' tendon. The injury is season-ending, effectively dashing the Jets' hopes of a Super Bowl title this year. And at 39 years old, it could also possibly be the end of Rodgers's career.

    Twitter: @espn
    The Jets still came back to beat the Buffalo Bills in overtime, a joyous moment that helped to lessen the blow of losing Rodgers on the first drive.

    Of course, the internet had A LOT to say about the Jets' misfortune, Rodgers's injury, and everything in between.

    1. The excitement was real, the pain was swift.

    Nickelodeon Twitter: @NFL_Memes

    2. One athlete called out the NFL about artificial turf, which continues to be a concern for players.

    Twitter: @DavidBakhtiari

    3. Accurate.

    Twitter: @real_tonygunk

    4. What's worse, the rent in NYC or the Jets' luck?

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Twitter: @DollarDogNick

    5. Maybe Jets fans can feel good about this.

    Twitter: @NFLonFOX

    6. Check on your friends who are Jets fans, please.

    Twitter: @teamibou23

    7. Coach Saleh looked like Xerxes when he first saw his own blood.

    Twitter: @KevinGraySports
    Xerxes from "300" looks mad as he swims in a pool

    8. Go get 'em, Zachary!

    Twitter: @Doctor_Duong

    9. It WAS real!

    Twitter: @TimBobbys

    10. Is this a nightmare, Dad?

    Twitter: @Tesaro_

    11. Leaders lead.

    Twitter: @KrikorianB15

    12. This one hurts.

    Twitter: @Lostnsaucex

    13. Talk about a mood switch.

    Twitter: @berrygoodtakes

    14. What a highlight reel.

    Twitter: @YoungPiccasso

    15. Hello darkness, my old friend.

    Touchstone Pictures / Via Twitter: @Doug_Outs

    16. No, Aaron, don't do it!

    Twitter: @Sakahachi_17

    17. Imagine drafting Rodgers in fantasy football this year? Yikes.

    Twitter: @BooRxdley

    18. Oh, take me back to more optimistic times!

    Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @BookOfEli_NFL

    19. This can't be the end!

    Twitter: @BigMack_4

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