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I'm Excited For "Ms. Marvel" And Here's Why

The MCU grows more diverse with every entry.

The MCU will finally introduce Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel this summer in a new MCU series, and I'm pretty excited. For those who played The Avengers video game, you probably know allll about Kamala already.

1. The Inhumans may get an official reintroduction.

2. Kamala will be the MCU's first Muslim hero.

3. South Asian culture is getting a major spotlight.

Like this piece by artist Shehzil Malik:

4. It will lead into The Marvels.

5. We'll get to see an MCU star grow in real life.

Are you excited about Ms. Marvel? Let me know in the comment section below!

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From Left to Right: Haunani-Kay Trask, Rushan Abbas, Manjusha Kulkarni, Kiyoshi Kuromiya, Philip Vera Cruz, Mabel Lee, George Helm, and Edward Said