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Meet Frank And Louie, The Adorable Two-Faced Cat

We've written about two-faced cats before. But not in the literal sense.

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The technical name for that is Disprosopus, or craniofacial duplication.


Janus cats appear to be conjoined twins, but their condition is actually not the result of incomplete separation of two embryos in the womb. It's triggered by a protein called sonic hedgehog homolog (SHH). Yes, there's a protein called the sonic hedgehog protein.

Most cats with the condition die within hours, but Frank and Louie is now 13 years old.

Which has earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest living cat with Disprosopus.

But an employee at the veterinary school took pity on him, and brought him home.


That's Marty, and she lives in Worcester, Massachusetts. She also owns a "regular" cat, and a parrot.

So let's hear it for Frank and Louie, the cat that proves two faces are better than one:

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