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Which Anchorman Are You?

AnchorDylan or AnchorPat?

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  1. East Coast or West Coast?

  2. Pick a song to dance to during Anchor Splash?

    My House by Flo Rida
    One Time by Justin Bieber
    Buttons by PussyCat Dolls
    Sugar by Maroon 5
  3. Which Founder Would You Be?

    Eva Webb Dodd
    Anna Boyd Ellington
    Mary Comfort Leonard
    George Banta
  4. Which Anchorman Competition Would You Crush?

    Make DG Letters
    Instagram Likes
    Original Speech
  5. Pick Your Favorite Dessert

  6. Pick a drunchee

    Grilled Cheese
    Bean and Cheese Burrito
  7. Pick a Starbucks Order

    Unicorn Frappucino
    Double Espresso
    Cool Lime Refresher
    Pumpkin Spice Latte

Which Anchorman Are You?

You got: Dylan Tyler Lubeck Jr.

You're a little shy when people first meet you, but once you let people get to know you you have their hearts and you become their favorites.

Dylan Tyler Lubeck Jr.
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You got: Patrick Ellis Romo

You're outgoing and you're the definition of a go-getter. You savor every experience in your life and make it the fullest.

Patrick Ellis Romo
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