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El Chapo's Family — Or The People Pretending To Be — Are Insanely Popular On Twitter

Twitter accounts that claim to belong to Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman Loera and his family frequently post somber, impulsive, passionate and aggressive posts.

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Last week, Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman escaped from prison in Mexico — for the second time. While he's been lying low, his family — or at least some people who are very convincing — have been active on social media.

First up: Alejandrina Gisselle Guzman Salazar

Affiliation: Daughter.

Bio: Appears to be a passionate, jealous woman who craves love and a stable relationship while frequently calling unnamed women derogatory names. She was arrested in San Diego in 2012 for trying to enter the U.S. using fraudulent documents, according to the Los Angeles Times. She was released shortly after.

Twitter followers: Nearly 40,000

1. "A strong woman is able to smile in the morning even after she's spent the night crying."

Una mujer fuerte es la que es capaz de sonreír en la mañana aun cuando la noche la pasó llorando.

2. "After so many sorrows and disappointments, my heart is not looking for someone to love it, but simply for someone to entertain it."

Después de tantas penas y tantas decepciones, mi corazón ya no busca quien lo quiera, si no simplemente quien lo entretenga.


3. "I'm pretty because of my mom, intelligent because of my dad and a hitwoman because of myself."

Soy guapa por parte de mi mamá, inteligente por parte de mi papá y una SICARIA por cuenta propia.

4. Here, Guzman attends what appears to be a party in an elegant dress.

Next: Alfredo Guzman

Affiliation: One of El Chapo's sons

Bio: Appears to be a hopeless romantic, writing about finding eternal love and the value of humility. But he also expresses resentment and anger at failed relationships, people who are not trustworthy and having to face challenges in his life alone.

Twitter followers: 164,000

5. "Some people have worth, others have a price tag."

Algunas personas tienen valor, otras tienen precio.


6. "Some people only think to look under the clothes, when the best treasures live under the skin."

Algunos sólo piensan en mirar bajo la ropa, cuando los mejores tesoros habitan bajo la piel.

7. "Everything that ends, ends badly and if it doesn't end badly it's because it hasn't ended."

Todo lo que termina, termina mal y si no termina mal es porque no ha terminado.

8. After El Chapo's arrest in February last year, he tweeted defiantly. "My father has not been defeated, the Guzman era has just begun."

Mi padre no está vencido, la era Guzmán apenas comienza.

9. "My father is better than any government, he created jobs, did away with kidnappers, thieves and rapists, he never fought against the people."

Mi padre es mejor que cualquier gobierno, el daba trabajo, acabó con secuestradores, rateros y violadores, el nunca peleó contra el pueblo.


Ivan Archivaldo Guzman

Affiliation: Another one of Guzman's sons

Bio: Frequently quotes his father's advice and defending his reputation. Guzman makes several claims to having taken over the Sinaloa Cartel's leadership as per his father's orders.

Twitter followers: 157,000

10. "Like my dad said one day.. 'Screw all the [women] you can, it's preferable that they leave you for being a scumbag than an idiot.'"

Como un día me dijo mi Apa.. "Coge a todas las que puedas, es preferible que te dejen por cabrón y no por pendejo".

11. "Advice from my father: Never humiliate yourself before anyone but don't showoff braveness."

Consejo de mi padre: «Nunca se humille ante nadie y tampoco presuma de valiente».

12. "If you are pretty but you talk sweetly to everyone, you automatically turn ugly and into a whore."

Si eres guapa pero les hablas bonito a todos, automaticamente te conviertes en fea y puta.


13. 😎

And finally: Joaquin Guzman Loera

Affiliation: ...El Chapo?

Bio: What claims to be El Chapo's actual account is a mix of explicit sexual observations and rumination about what friendship means. New Tweets appeared frequently during Guzman's incarceration, making his account a likely fake.

Twitter followers: 73,400

14. "They say money is not everything in life, but it can buy you freedom."

Dicen que el dinero no es todo en la vida, pero si puedes comprar la libertad.

15. "To be a friend is to interpret looks, understand silences, forgive mistakes, keep secrets, prevent falls and wipe away tears."

Ser amigo es interpretar miradas, entender silencios, perdonar errores, guardar secretos, prevenir caídas y secar lagrimas.

16. "One thing I am sure of, I'm the kind that looks back but doesn't return."

De una cosa si estoy seguro, soy de los que miran atrás pero no regresan.

17. "Patron of all and friend of many."

El patron de todos y amigo de muchos. Fav si perfil.

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