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    17 Hipsters Who Have Outhipstered Themselves

    This has to stop. Before it's cool.

    1. This velocipede parked outside an Apple store.

    Twitter: @Hipster_Guapo

    This counts double, right?

    2. This gadget that turns your iPad into a typewriter.

    Twitter: @chglenn_

    For that more authentic feel.

    3. Or this guy who brought his own typewriter to Starbucks in order to work.

    Twitter: @adriangasa

    For that TRULY authentic experience.

    4. These "glasses."

    Twitter: @LiyanaRadzi

    Cups and cans are no longer enough for hipsters.

    5. And these shoes.

    6. Of course, you have to be vegan.

    7. And sometimes you want to show that you're a hipster both front and back.

    Twitter: @Kaaridvlc

    This cut is out of control.

    8. This $60 wooden crate that just a week earlier was essentially just garbage.

    Twitter: @peter_music09

    Good thing it's "on sale."

    9. This woman spinning her own yarn in the waiting room of a car dealership.

    There's no way that thing is convenient to lug around.

    10. But maybe there wasn't enough room in the school bus for it?

    11. This scooter-bicycle hybrid.

    Twitter: @Sheamus

    It might not seem cool, but soon this will for sure become the "must-have" for every hipster. That's how these things work.

    12. Someone's going to make their parents cry with this.

    Twitter: @deis_212

    They've worked so hard to make sure we never have to suffer through things like this ever again, and this is how you repay them?

    13. Skinny jeans that are way, WAY too skinny.


    14. Or these little knit caps for your ears.

    Your ears need to look cool too, you know.

    15. Listening to your vinyl collection on the go.

    Twitter: @jorgericorico

    Just in case mom kicks you out of the house, I guess.

    16. Getting your VW Bug sodded with turf.

    Twitter: @solpalaz

    One more captive of hipsterism.

    17. And standing out by wearing the exact same thing as everyone else.

    But let me guess: You were wearing it before it was cool?

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