21 Toys You Had If You Were A True '90s Girl

    You know you asked Santa for ALL of them.

    1. Polly Pockets

    2. Skydancers

    3. Troll Dolls

    4. Furbies

    You must have asked Santa for one when they came out. Flash forward a couple of months: you put your Furby away because its voice and its huge, devilish eyes would keep you from getting to sleep each night.

    5. Kitty Surprise

    6. Barbies

    7. And the furniture set, of course

    8. And that Barbie head you could style and put make-up on

    9. My Little Ponies

    10. The Tamagotchi

    11. Krystal Princess Dolls

    12. The Magic Hair Color Streak Barbie

    13. Doodle Bear

    14. The Electronic Dream Phone

    15. StarCastles

    16. Glitter Tubes

    17. Rainbow Slinkies

    18. The Easy-Bake Oven

    19. Littlest Pet Shop

    20. Cabbage Patch Kids

    You were either a Cabbage Patch girl or you were into...

    21. My Little Baby Born

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    Look at this horrible little creature.