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    17 Things Every Girl From The '90s Had To Have For Back To School

    Who could imagine that going to the office supply store could be so exciting?

    1. No matter how many pens you had, NOTHING compared to the metallic gel colors.

    2. The only thing that could compare was if your parents decided to buy you the entire gel pen set.

    Fiskars / Via

    Even though they took about three days to fully dry.

    3. You would immediately become the center of attention in your classroom if you had one of these pens.

    Kandelia / Via

    They would change colors like ✨MAGIC✨

    4. Any self-respecting pencil case had to have one eraser that looked like lipstick.

    topwardrobe2014 / Via

    5. As well as a few of these. They even smelled nice!

    e-trade-center / Via

    6. But the crown jewel of every young girl's collection was a Sanrio eraser featuring their favorite character.

    geekmana / Via

    7. At some point, we all desperately wanted one of these backpacks:

    luvyababesltd / Via

    Fortunately, that passed quickly.

    8. And we all knew that markers like these ones were pretty much like shooting stars:

    Heloisa Honaesko / Via

    They only appeared rarely, and when you did see one, it was only for a brief moment.

    9. When you needed a pencil case, your parents would always buy you this one:

    past2presents2015 / Via

    10. But in your heart, you desperately wanted a pretty Pochacco case.

    salvarado0317 / Via

    Or the Kitty one!

    11. They may not have lasted long, but these scented markers made every homework assignment better.

    jenduane / Via

    12. And even though they were a huge hassle, it still felt special to use those weird pencils with the replaceable tips.

    maplume / Via

    The problem was if one of those tips ever went missing the whole pencil became totally useless.

    13. If you were truly #blessed, instead of Crayola color pencils, your parents would get you a set of Faber-Castell pencils.

    whybee-online / Via

    14. But there was no greater victory in the office supply store than when you got your mom to buy you one of these pens:

    Rhode Island / Via

    One pen to rule them all.

    15. Of course, nothing showed off your status better than Lisa Frank supplies.

    16. Except, of course, Jordi Labanda.

    17. But when it came down to it, this was truly the Ferrari of back-to-school supplies:

    Claire Congalton / Via

    Look at all those pockets!

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