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Top 10 Most Underrated Actors

We've seen them in everything from the movies to TV shows and are hypnotized every time they are on screen. They say so much without speaking a word but are often not recognized for the talented actors they are. And audiences can't get enough of them. But they've never won any awards for their craft. Here are just 10 of the most underrated actors.

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10. Taron Egerton


Taron Egerton is most known for his role as "Eggsy" in Kingsman Secret Service. He has been praised for his role in Eddie the Eagle where he plays opposite Hugh Jackman. He has two films coming out this year, Billionaire Boys Club, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Taron has also been cast in a revamp of the robin hood series. He is currently filming Robin Hood, where he has the lead role of "Robin". This movie is due out in 2018.

9. John Krasinski


John Krasinski is most known for his role as "Jim" on The Office from 2005-2013. He has also been in several other TV shows and films. John had us right there with him in the film 13 Hours through his multitude of emotions and action. He soon will be taking on the role of "Jack Ryan" in the much anticipated Jack Ryan TV Series. We look forward to seeing more of John and his amazing talent.

8. Dylan O'Brien

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Dylan O'Brien is most known as "Styles" from MTV's Teen Wolf. His character has been considered the fan favorite for years. This speaks to the way he brings the audience in along for the ride. Dylan has great comedic timing and can deliver a lengthy heartfelt speech. During the filming of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Dylan was seriously injured when a stunt went horribly wrong. During his recovery time, Dylan took a role in the upcoming American Assasins. His character "Mitch Rapp" is far removed from the loveable "Styles". We can't wait for him to show off his range with this movie due out in the fall.

7. Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill had a breakout role in The Tudors from 2007-2010, playing "Charles Brandon". Henry was captivating to watch and often stole every scene he was in. Most know him for his role as "Superman" in Man of Steel. Henry is a dedicated actor that put his body through rigorous training to look the part of "Superman". He said that he did not want a bunch of padding and special effects on his costume. Henry said that if he truly was to step into the role of "Superman" that he needed to look like it. More recently Henry played a CIA agent in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., "Napoleon Solo". This role seemed perfect for Henry and he was able to show his comedic side. Henry's fans can't wait for Sand Castle to come out on Netflix this year. He will also appear in Justice League, M:I 6 Mission Impossible and Nomis.

6. Andrew Lincoln


Andrew Lincoln is most known for his role as "Rick Grimes" on AMC's Walking Dead. It's hard to remember Andrew before killing walkers. He is able to convey so much through his eyes and facial expressions. The audience feels like they are part of Rick's family and that his loss is theirs. Andrew is very humble and considers his fellow Walking Dead castmates as family. Flashback to 2003, where Andrew played lovesick, "Mark", in Love Actually. We look forward to seeing more of Andrew Lincoln for a long time to come.

5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Jeffrey Dean Morgan is known for a multitude of things. It really just depends on your age. You either consider him as "John Winchester" from Supernatural, "Denny Duquette" from Grey's Anatomy, or most recently "Negan" from The Walking Dead. JDM has a wide spectrum of talent. He can capture your heart as "William" in P.S. I Love You, or kick your A as USMC "Tanner" in Red Dawn. Jeffery's latest role as "Negan" is so well received he has quickly become the character you love to hate.

4. Djimon Hounsou


Djimon Hounsou, even his name is art. Most known for his role as "Juba" in oscar winning Gladiator alongside Russell Crowe. You couldn't help but watch and listen to everything he did. Djimon has a way about his acting that evokes a deep interest in his characters. Even as a supporting actor you want to see more of him on the screen and want to know more about his character. Djimon has continued to have a successful career starring in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Constantine, Furious 7, The Legend of Tarzan, and soon to be released- King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

3. Norman Reedus


Norman Reedus has amassed a huge fan following, stemming back to 1999 and The Boondock Saints. He is a humble person who will stop on the street to talk to fans. Norman is most known for his role as "Daryl" on The Walking Dead. This speaks heavily to Norman's performance as his character was not in the comic book but was created for the adaptation to TV. "Daryl" and his crossbow have been killing walkers since 2010. Norman has had several episodes where his character is mostly quiet and communicates through his body language and emotions. No matter the character he plays, the audience feels that he is family and want to see him persevere.

2. Sam Heughan


Sam Heughan, most known for his role as "Jamie" on Outlander, has quickly become a heartthrob. Yes, he is easy on the eyes but don't let that overshadow his unbelievable talent as an actor. Sam brought audiences to tears during season 1 of Outlander. You can't help but watch him and you anticipate his return during scenes that he is not in. He is extremely underrated as an actor and we hope to see much more of him. James Bond perhaps?

1. Jensen Ackles


Jensen Ackles is most known for his role as the protective older brother "Dean Winchester" in Supernatural. The show has become the longest ever running Sci-Fi show thanks to the acting of it's two main stars. The audience believes that Jensen is "Dean" and cries right along with him during tough times on the show. Jensen began landing guest roles in 1995. He has played "Dean" since 2005. He is one of those actors that you can watch on mute and still know exactly what is going on. Supernatural has amassed one of the largest fan followings ever. The fans like Jensen are kind, helping individuals that are a family like no other. Jensen may not have an Emmy or an Oscar on his shelf but you know what, he doesn't need it. He is the most talented actor on the small screen. I'm just glad that I've been able to witness the roller coaster of emotions he goes through week to week since 2005. Jensen is also a director and has started a brewery in Texas called Family Business Beer Co.

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