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Why You Should Donate To UNICEF

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. Giving children in over 190 countries a fair chance.

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UNICEF is a nonprofit charity organization that focuses on contributing to fight for the rights of many children across the globe. This nonprofit charity has been helping and defending children rights for 70 years.

Policies and Services

One of the things that UNICEF does to help children in need around the globe is fight to improve policies and services that protects all children. By doing so they fight for child protection, children with disabilities, gender equality, and social inclusion. Some countries are not as lucky as others and do not have the right policies and services for children to be protected.



Another thing that UNICEF does to help children is helping out with child survival like working to find solutions to HIV/AIDS, health, immunization, nutrition, and water sanitation and hygiene. Many countries do not have the resources available to help with child survival so with the money that UNICEF makes by donations they help find solutions to these problems.



UNICEF also specializes in education rights. They believe all children deserve a chance to have their own education no matter what country they're from. If you're someone who believes education and early childhood development is very important I would suggest donating right away to help out unfortunate children.


Whenever there is an emergency UNICEF reaches children and families that were affected with lifesaving resources. UNICEF helps out when theres a natural disaster like hurricane, flood, tornadoes, and earthquakes. UNICEF also helps out when theres a crisis like bombing or shooting.


UNICEF also strives to help create a change for both women and girls around the world. UNICEF fights and participates in political/social development around the world for gender equality. In some countries women do not have as much rights as men do, so UNICEF wants to help fight to change that.

Supply and logistics

Another thing that UNICEF does to help children out around the world is supplying and transporting medical equipment and medicine to children who really need it. For instance there are many third world countries that don't have the equipment available for children that are severely sick, in these situations UNICEF helps out.

Donate Today!


These are all things that UNICEF does to help children around the world. UNICEF is such a great nonprofit charity organization because it helps with a wide variety of things and has been around for such a long time. One of the ways to donate to UNICEF is by going on and donating on their website. Since Halloween is this month, another way to donate is by purchasing a little orange box online. On Halloween take the box trick or treating and get people to make donations, then send those donations to UNICEF!

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