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That One First World Problem Everyone Has

When your phone battery runs low in public.

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At first..

Selena Gomez / Via

Brightness is at 100% and everything is all right.

Scrolling happily

Giphy / Via

Using all the different apps your phone has to offer.

Then this happens..

BroRandom / Via

You get that dreaded 10% notification and all hell breaks loose.


MisterWonka / Via

You have to limit your phone usage.


MTV / Via

Since you're in public you don't have a charger.

Ask around

Static Hub / Via

Ask anyone around you if they have a phone charger.

If not

Nokia / Via

There's a solution called portable phone chargers!

Look around

Johnny Depp / Via

Look around the room to see if there's a charger.

If nothing

The Simpsons / Via

Your phone will shut off and die.

Last solution

Xforce56 / Via

You'll have to wait till your home to charge.

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