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11 Things No One Tells You About Applying For Jobs

If only applying for a job was as easy as it seems. Hopefully once you read this article you will feel more prepared for the job searching process.

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1. Filling out applications takes a lot longer than expected

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Some applications ask lots of questions, while others are straightforward and easy to fill out. It takes about 20 minutes to fill out one application, that is quite a while.

2. Getting a job is like a job itself

Since some applications take about 30 minutes, you could be stuck filling out applications for a full day. That's basically a job itself because you're constantly writing and answering questions dedicated to finding a new job. It takes some time and patience.

3. Some applications make you fill out the same information more than once

When applying online to some jobs they ask you to submit your resume which includes your work history and education. Then the application asks you to manually input your work history and education when it's already included on your resume making you do double the work.

4. Updating your resume everytime you apply for a different job

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Updating the little objectives area in your resume to make yourself seem more qualified for the job. This takes a little more work, but if it helps get the job it's worth it!

5. Realizing most jobs want experience but you're still in college

For some college graduates this can be very frustrating because not many people have experience prior to graduating. You'll just have to find the perfect job that will hire someone with little to no experience or prove yourself to the company.

6. You'll have to write a cover letter for certain jobs

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Not all jobs require a cover letter when applying, but it looks good most of the time to have one. It's dreadful to read that they need one but writing one isn't so bad. It's just a paper about yourself and why you're qualified for the job you are applying for.

7. Don't expect a call back right away

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Certain applications have deadlines and some companies wait until that deadline to start looking and calling back applicants. It takes awhile for companies to sort through applications because they may have a high demand. The most important thing is to be patient.

8. You will get lots of phone calls fro numbers you may not know

You will get lots of phone calls from numbers you may not know after applying to several jobs. It is important to try and answer these phone calls because some of them might be a call back from a company asking for an interview.

9. You get easily attached to a job you don't even have yet

Sometimes applying to a job can be really exciting and it may be the perfect job you've been looking for. It's easy to get hung up and attached to a job you don't even have yet. Keep your mind open and don't always expect that you've got the job because if you didn't you will be very disappointed.

10. Online presence is a big deal

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Certain employers look at social media when deciding to give a person an interview or not. It is important to keep your social media clean and avoid any bad pictures and posts of you to pop up when a future employer searches you.

11. You need to stay hopeful

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Even if you've been denied a few jobs, keep your mind open about different opportunities. There are lots of different jobs out there, and you will find one but it takes time!

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