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11 Awesome Things To Do In Fall You've Never Heard Of

Tired of hearing the same suggestions on what to do in the fall? Here is a list of 11 things to do in the fall that are unique and you've probably never heard of!

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1. Go leaf peeping

Travel around your city, or even to different states to see how pretty the changing leaf colors are. There are so many popular locations to view beautiful landscapes with colorful leaves.

2. Read a unique book

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Instead of reading a book that everyone has read try reading a book you've never heard of. Stay indoors, get comfortable underneath a blanket, grab some tea and start reading a new book.

3. Throw your own Oktoberfest celebration

There are probably many restaurants that celebrate Oktoberfest in your town, but you could instead throw your own Oktoberfest celebration at your own house. Get decorations, cook some German food and invite friends over to come help celebrate!

4. Stargaze at night

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It might be starting to get cold outside, but that doesn't mean you can't stargaze. Put on some layers and grab a blanket and telescope and gaze at the stars at night. You might be surprised at what you'll see.

5. Knit a Merino wool blanket

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A perfect activity to do in the fall is to knit a Merino wool blanket. Super fluffy and super soft material, perfect to keep you warm for the upcoming cold months.

6. Donate old fall clothing

Take a look at your closet and decide on what you don't want to keep for the fall. Instead of throwing away the clothing you don't want, donate it to local homeless shelters, Goodwill, and other clothing donation locations.

7. Sell fall clothing you don't want anymore

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Another option for getting rid of clothing you won't wear this fall is to sell it to friends and on various websites. You could use Craigslist, Poshmark, or Facebook to sell your clothing items. By selling clothes you won't wear you will make some extra money to use for Christmas shopping!

8. Instead of spring cleaning, do some fall cleaning

Get a very early head start on spring cleaning and do a complete wipe-down of your house/apartment. Organize closets, drawers, rooms and clean bathroom. You will feel very accomplished when finished.

9. Make your own wreath

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Go to your local Hobby Lobby or Michael's and grab some supplies to create your own wreath. Customize it to your own likes, and hang it up on your door once finished!

10. Start bringing out the Christmas decorations

It's never too early for Christmas decorations. Get a head start on decorating by bringing out the decorations from your basement. Then when the day after Thanksgiving comes around you will be ready.

11. Step outside and breathe in the fresh crisp air

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Instead of staying indoors take advantage of the beautiful scenery and get some fresh air outside. Enjoy fall before winter arrives!

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