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    10 Tips From Bollywood That Will Vastly Improve Your Sex Life

    Warning: Totally Safe For Work.

    India has always been a pioneer when it comes to sex. The Kama Sutra and our ancient temple carvings are evidence to our longstanding belief in taking risks when it comes to doin' the dirty.

    Liji Jinaraj / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: karmadude

    Today, that role has been taken on by Bollywood, an industry that has risen gloriously to the challenge of keeping us all satisfied. Here are the greatest sex lessons we can learn from Bollywood:

    Red Chillies Entertainment / Karima Khan

    Tip 1: Make lusty sustained eye contact to establish the sexually telepathic connection.

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    Make sure to do lots of that. Enough is not enough.

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    Tip 2: Embrace the great outdoors. Nothing's more sensual than dancing around trees, everyone knows that.

    Shemaroo / Karima Khan

    Forests, beaches, all manner of wilderness – these marvels of nature were created in order for us to do erotic dance moves in.

    United Seven Creations / Karima Khan

    Bollywood's subliminal message is to love the environment. So do it all outdoor even if PDA is a punishable offence here.

    Venus Movies / Via Karima Khan

    Oysters? Wine? Nah. The greatest aphrodisiac is an outdoor disco-sesh.

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    Tip 3: Make your intentions known by violently shaking a flower. If your partner does the same, IT'S ON.

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    Tip 4: Rain has been embraced by Bollywood as a symbol of wetness, and for good reason. Enjoy the monsoon – the easiest way to come again another day.

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    Use months June to September to full advantage.

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    And, a gentle reminder: don't forget to include erotic dancing.

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    Tip 5: Run towards your lover, get that heart rate going.

    Rajshri / Via Karima Khan

    Running is the most effective foreplay, as demonstrated by hundreds of Bollywood movies.

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    Tip 6: If the running gets tiring, try rolling. Roll sensually into their arms.

    Base Industries Group / Karima Khan

    Here Bollywood teaches us to combine sexual moves: Simultaneously roll, AND embrace the outdoors. Wow.

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    Tip 7: Learn how to play the piano. The keys are the ultimate key to pant zip.

    Divya Films International

    Score in bed by mastering music scores. #Boom #ThatsRight


    Tip 8: Involve milk because nothing suggests "I wanna do the deed" more than a warm glass of white fluid.

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    Tip 9: Take items of jewelry off, slowly and one-by-one. Savour this painstaking process that will probably take all night.

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    Tip 10: The most important of all is to do it on white sheets or else you'll have bad luck for 7 years.

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    And again: Don't leave erotic dance moves off the menu. Ever.

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    The more the better, tbh.

    Ultra / Karima Khan

    There ya go. You're officially ready for some major Bang Bang.

    Fox STAR Studios / Karima Khan