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11 Violent Ways Your Indian Childhood Traumatized You Forever

Who the hell came up with Birthday Bumps? Why? What's wrong with you?

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2. Your back cringes remembering the absolute horrifying memories of having an "Ops and Bats" bet.

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Ops and Bats: You yell 'Ops' for every time you stand and 'Bats' for every time you sit. If you didn't, the person you placed the bet with will hit you with the hardest punch that will deliver a pain that demands to be felt.

3. Having your manhood tested with the "Lift Rule" was what tears are made of.

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Lift Rule: If you're in the lift with guys and aren't covering your crotch with your hands (or a book, or your frickking bag) you will get hit - badly.

4. Literally having to watch your back in a game of "Aba Dubi" where a ball comes flying at you.

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Aba Dubi: There is a chaser who will run behind you and hit you with a tennis ball, almost crushing all of your spine. At least, it felt like that.


10. Sometimes you would have your eyes closed while a bunch of people beat you up in the name of "Ankh Bandh Tapli."

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Ankh Bandh Tapli: Someone will yell your name and put their hands on your eyes (so tightly it will almost blind you) while a bunch of people hit you with all the energy in their being.