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    The Inspirational Story Of Raja Subramanian, India's Shot At Winning The World Billiards Championship

    The world's 31st best billiards player has a twin handicap, but that's not stopping him from competing.

    Meet Venkateswaran Subramanian a.k.a. Raja, the world's 31st ranked billiards champion.

    Raja has a polio afflicted right leg and no sight in his right eye, but those hurdles haven’t stopped him from dreaming big.

    Despite the twin handicaps, Raja excels in the sport. He has represented India in two World Championships, and an Australian open.

    In order to compete in the 2014 World Billiards Championship in October, Raja needs funds to cover his entrance fees, visa, travel, and accommodation. A Ketto campaign has been started to help him meet his goal.

    When we heard his story, it really touched us and we felt we had to do something. It is important that support Indian talent.

    So far, the campaign has collected Rs. 8,800 of its Rs. 1,50,000 goal. You can directly contribute and pledge your support at Raja's Ketto Campaign page.