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13 Samosas That You Need To Try Before You Die

Some more, please!

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1. Chinese Samosa

Samosas with a filling of delicious and spicy noodles. Get the recipe here.

2. Keema Samosa

The highlight of Ramadan, minced mutton or chicken stuffing in samosas are deliciously drool-worthy!

3. Chole Samosa

Samosas crushed and mixed in a chole gravy make for the most appetising meal.


5. Cheese Samosa

This samosa is your dreams coming true all at once. LET THE CHEESE MELT IN YOUR MOUTH.

6. Paneer Samosa

Stuffed with a generous helping of paneer, this samosa will nullify all your favourite dishes.

7. Samosa Chaat

Curd, chaat masala, sev and green and tamarind chutney poured over crushed samosas is a delightful taste of vegetarian heaven.


8. Fish Samosa

Tastes best when the stuffing is made with Indian salmon and has ketchup and green chutney to keep you company.

9. Mini Samosa

Go to a grocery store, ask for Haldiram's Mini Samosas. And done. That's all you need to make your day.

11. Chocolate Samosa

And for those with an incurable sweet tooth, the chocolate samosa is one you just cannot miss! Get the recipe here.

12. Puffed Samosa

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Do not confuse these with normal puffs that you get in the bakery; the stuffing makes all the difference. Puffed samosas have more veggies, a thinner coating of flour and lesser baking soda. Get the easy to make recipe here.

Pro tip: Stock on Switz samosa strips, make the stuffings at home and fry. Easy-peasy!